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If you owe the bank £100, that's your problem. If you owe the bank £100 million, that's the banks problem.

The World Is Your Oyster By Alex Brownbridge

Niche. A word I have always found to sound pleasing, direct and interesting, not to mention the obvious tangible rewards of identifying your very own “niche”. Easier said than done. Given the transport links, transfer of culture and exploitation of the industrial revolution in the previous century the Western world is now subject to a tireless index of global products, making it difficult to identify your very own corner of the market. Niche.
Arguably true; however most would dispute given technological advances, namely the internet, the scope for an infinite target market has never been easier, cheaper and more accessible.
$1 a pixel… I bet he was rubbing his hands upon the invention of HD.
Maybe you are in the same position as myself; wanting to make your mark, identify an opportunity, commanding limited start up capital but ultimately and perhaps most importantly – the desire to make a lot of money. This is not easy and if it were everyone would be a self made millionaire.
It can be done., comes springing to mind. A University student, aiming to pay off his tuition fees designed a page, solely for advertising purposes, charging each firm $1 per pixel on the page. Potentially expensive and a fairly unattractive proposal it would seem. The idea and publicity gave birth to interest and a snowball effect of visitors, that in actual fact made the $1 per pixel price tag rational, economic, not to mention extremely profitable for the student.

It can be done.
The world’s Smartphone app-industry; swelling by the minute, used and downloaded by millions every single day to get their fix of games, utilities or novelty soundboards to name a few. I too am an addict. With start-up costs starting at the $99 mark and with a nonexistent marginal cost the possibility of identifying unchartered preferences or just doing something “a bit different” to then sell to the seven billion customers that is the world’s population must make you go weak at the knees. The producers of Angry Birds know this only too well, shifting 10 million units in the first year of sales, making them overnight millionaires. Grab yourself a lottery ticket.
It can be done.
Ultimately there are millions of opportunities that will raise their head in years to come, illustrating the evolution of business, tastes and consumer preferences. The opportunities are there, we need to make it happen for us.
By my good friend Alex Brownbridge and an article on his excellent blog

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